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Technology that makes sense

Making it work for you, we provide the solution you need to run your business. Help you understand it better and putting you in touch with what is out there. Bringing it to life in a way that makes your life easier.

Suited for everyone

Our way of doing things means everyone understands it and can make sense of it. You tell us what the problem is and we go and fix it. No big baffling science – it should just work!

Enjoy the difference

We are not your average computer support company. We do everything. No long wait times our support queues. You message us, we take it from there. Average response times is just under 2 hours, compared to the usual 8 hours! No hassle with dealing with third parties. Why bother, you’ve got us, haven’t you?

What our Clients Say

We started using Komputrade because we needed reliability.- Dr. Pieterse, Institute for Contemporary Research, Africa
We were left hanging by other companies. Komputrade was the only one stepping to the mark to provide the solutions we needed.- BTL
It's easy to get the job done with Komputrade around to help- Dr. A. Smith-Tolken, University of Stellenbosch
Repairs are easier and the turn around time is fast- Dr. Brown, University of Southampton
Cornelius is a genius when it comes to computers and the team is really helpful.- Charlotte Simpson, Healthcare
Addicott Electrics is pleased with the work Komputrade does.- James Addicott, Managing Director