Komputrade works effortlessly to comply with the law.

Please find below resources to our legal documents for access by the public, in accordance with legislation and regulatory authorities.


A Privacy policy is a requirement under the new GDPR rules that came into effect in 2018.  Your rights to opt out is also stated in our Privacy Policy, please see below if you wish to endulge in how we run things.

Our Privacy Policy


Code of Practice is something that Ofcom place considerable importance on.

Condition 14 requires all providers of Public Electronic Communications Services to produce a basic code of practice for their domestic and small business customers which sets out where those customers can access certain specific information about the provider and his services. The information to which this condition refers is that which providers of Publicly Available Telephone Services must publish under condition 10. However, this condition 14 applies more widely to all providers of Public Electronic Communications Services and only requires that providers explain clearly how this information may be obtained.

Please find ours below.

Our Code of Practice & Complaint Handling Procedure


Condition 14 of the Ofcom Guidelines state:

“The condition also requires providers to appoint an alternate dispute resolution scheme (ADR) for dealing with unresolved disputes with domestic and small business customers. The ADR scheme must be approved by Ofcom and must form part of the provider’s code of practice. Ofcom has so far recognised two such schemes; Ombudsman Services: Communications and CISAS. One of the first things which Ofcom does when approached by a dissatisfied customer is to check whether the provider has an approved code of practice and has nominated an approved ADR scheme.”

The majority of resellers have a good working relationship with their customers and, consquently, disputes to the Ombudsman are incredibly rare. However, Ofcom require you to have a resolution scheme in place.We therefore belong to the following schemes for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR):

Ombudsman Service

Communications and Internet Services