Paperless Technology. Introducing KompuCloud

Your employees will wonder how they ever lived without it

Intuitive and user friendly,­ that’s how Papercloud has been designed…­ so even the least tech savvy person on your team will be up and running in hours, not days


But that’s just the beginning! It also:

  • Captures scanned documents ­ making PDFs fully searchable
  • Manages group email with a fully featured email processing
  • Collects unlimited amounts of data in a variety of forms that can be quickly customized
  • Gives administrators total control over who can access what documents
  • Provides full access to all of your documents with iOS or Android devices
  • Lets you sign, seal, and deliver documents electronically
  • Integrates seamlessly with SharePoint, Office, Explorer, and MS Exchange

Choose a document management system designed to fit your business — not an IT department

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