Cloud and Storage – Let’s explain….

In recent years, the cloud seems to have taken over our lives. From Dropbox, Livedrive, Google Drive to Onedrive, Skydrive, Owncloud and the list goes on.

Whilst this has seemed to help us save our information elsewhere, no one really knows where it goes?

And on top of that, most companies are legally required to keep their data within the UK Territory, as per the Data Protection Act 1998. And then if that is not enough, we now have GDPR. So the question is, how do you make sure things will be ok?

Komputrade specialises in cloud technology. It’s called cloud, because it simply becomes a catalyst to sync data across all devices.  We know where the data goes and how it gets there. We know where it lives and how it is shared. And we know this, because we own the clouds. Well, not the real clouds of course, the data clouds. And not all of them of course, but you get the idea. If you work with us, you are in the driving seat. we can account for every byte of information we look after and we have a record of ZERO data loss since we opened.

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It gets better. Komputrade have teamed up with existing partners like Livedrive, makers of Knowhow.  Cloud backup comes as standard on all our support services, if you retain us as an IT company to look after you.

Our cloud platform exists on Nextcloud technology, which means we are completely independant as well.

And unlike the rest, whether you use us or our competitors like dropbox, we really don’t mind. We just need it to work. Because if it works for you, we will get paid. It’s that simple really, isn’t it?

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