Hardware Leasing

So you need a hand with computer hardware and someone in your business to help you with getting things done. Here’s the problem: You just don’t want to spend a fortune. Times are tough and your capital layout is limited. Plus, why on earth would you want to spend a fortune on computers?  Well, lucky for you there is an easy cost effective way to get things done: Hardware Leasing.

Here’s how it works:  We come to your office and see what you need to get done. We summarise and price the goods that you will need. We set up a contract for supply of services for you and provide you with the hardware on a leased term. It is that simple. Our contracts are a minimum of 2 years, which can then roll-over. It’s a turn key package. Of course, you never own the hardware, but we cover all breakdowns and related software. And if you close your doors, well then just hand the keys back, or in this case, the hardware. Call it IaaS – Installation as a Service.

Ingenious really. And you’re welcome.

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